Our Team

Broad Street Veterinary Hospital Staff

Reecie Rose, Official Greeter and Chair Warmer (house cat)

Eileen Rose, Security Monitor and Lunch Supervisor (house cat)

der Au Michael, Hospital Administrator

 Me and Hueyder Au has been a member of the Broad Street team for almost 14 years, and brings extensive management experience to her position as Hospital Administrator.

Prior to arriving at Broad Street, der Au worked in the corporate world, specifically in the banking sector. She obtained her degree from James Madison University. When asked about her favorite part of her job, she says, “I enjoy working with my team to ensure the best outcome for patients and clients. I love being able to provide a positive experience for them.”

der Au lives in Richmond, and enjoys gardening, cooking and entertaining friends and family. She also enjoys spending time with her two rescued dogs - Pippa and Angus - who are both K9 Good Citizens, as well as her two rescued cats-Roxy and Kitten.

Amanda LaFlesch, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amanda LaFleschAmanda LaFlesch joined Broad Street Veterinary Hospital in March 2016 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She graduated from VCU in 2008 with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences, and from Cedar Valley College in 2010 with an Associates in Veterinary Technology. She has considerable knowledge in both emergency and small animal primary practice. Her favorite part of her job is anesthesia, and the opportunities it opens for excellent patient well-being. In her free time, she enjoys running, helping with Habitat for Humanity, softball, and other charitable events.

Sarah Jane Hunter, Licensed Veterinary Technician

I graduated from Blue Ridge Community College in 2008 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician also known as a Veterinary Nurse. I pride myself in being known as a “kitty whisperer” and try to make all of my cat patient experiences as fear free as possible. I feel that if we want to understand our cats, we must become one. When I am not busy at work saving lives, I enjoy spending time with my family and fostering kittens for my local animal shelter. I also love boy bands, pizza and cats.

Tiffany Allan, Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany joined the Broad Street Veterinary team in 2018. She is a Richmond native who has loved animals all her life. She has worked with many local rescue groups and has rescued many pets. Currently, she has a one-eyed, black, German Shepard named Heidi, a Pitbull named Elton John, and two ferrets named Sable and Crimson. She has been in the veterinary industry for 5 years.

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, going to the river and hiking in the mountains. You can catch her dog Elton John behind the front desk most days, happy to greet you!

Brianna Cline, Customer Service Representative

Bri joined the Broad Street Veterinary team in 2017 as a Customer Service Representative. She moved to Richmond after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has grown up with dogs all her life, you betcha. She serves as the comedic relief and muscles around the hospital.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys playing softball, watching sports, and exploring the outdoors.

John Ferguson, Senior Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Manager

John FergusonJohn has been a member of the Broad Street team since 1987, and holds the titles of both Senior Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Manager.

John is skilled in working with even the most nervous or fearful patients, dogs and cats alike. Our clients know that when it comes to handling their pets, their animals couldn’t be in better hands. He is also the resident food expert, responsible for our nutritional inventory.

When John isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family and his own pets, and watching football.

Debbie Crowder, Veterinary Assistant, Groomer

Debbie has been making pets look their best at Broad Street for twenty years, and also groomed professionally prior to joining our team.

Because of her vast experience Debbie has an understanding of nearly every breed, in both grooming needs and temperament. From difficult cuts to basic trims, our clients know her as a proficient and trusted groomer for their pets.

When she isn’t working, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and pets, including several border collies and horses. She is also actively involved in volunteering with 4H.

Karen Reese, Veterinary Assistant

Karen ReeseKaren Reese joined the Broad Street team in 2008 as a Veterinary Assistant. She has extensive experience working with animals, both as an assistant and also in boarding facilities.

Karen shows compassion toward all patients, and is especially fond of our housecats Reecie and Eileen.  The best part of their day is going to lunch with Karen, and getting brushed by her every morning!

When she isn’t working or showering Reecie and Eileen with attention, Karen enjoys reading and spending time with her own pets.

Tracey Crews, Client Service Representative

Tracey Crews joined the Broad Street team in 2010 as a Client Service Representative.  Tracey has always loved animals, and previously worked for the Humane Society in her home state of Pennsylvania. When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Tracey says she “loves connecting with the clients on a personal level.”

When she isn’t working, Tracey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and her six pets. She also loves music and enjoys watching NASCAR and football.

Austin Morales, Veterinary Assistant, Part Time

Austin has been a part of the Broad Street Vet team since 2016. Originally from Fairfax Virginia, he is a currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University where he is finishing up his double major in both Sociology and Mass Communications. Austin has extensive experience working at Veterinary Hospitals as he loves dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.

When Austin isn't assisting the Veterinarians or Technicians, he helps with the physical and handy work as well as makes the team laugh with his hilariously corny, but contagious sense of humor.